Video Conferencing

Using video conferencing is a great way to communicate with people across the country and you can build a great connection with someone without ever meeting them face to face. 

Top Tips

1. High Speed Internet Access Not Necessary

You might not need as much bandwidth as you think.  Many video conferencing services are automatically connected with a teleconferencing solution, recognizing that not everyone will be at home in front of their computers.  Sound is the most important part of communication, so if you continue to connect by phone to prevent the Internet getting in the way of your audio, then even in a remote location you don't have to be as concerned with your bandwidth throughout the conversation.  If you get kicked out online, you are still communicating on the phone.  Yet when your Internet is working, everyone still benefits from getting to see you and therefore feel like they know you better.

2. Rain or Shine

Video conferencing is great in those gloomy nights where no one wants to be on the road.  Consider having this as an option for your board meetings, council meetings, and maybe even worship services. 

3. Distance Doesn't Matter

Feeling disconnected?  Video conferencing can help you gather with others across the country without the 6 hour drive!  You could have a regular gathering of like-minded leaders, or your colleagues around Canada.  

4. Record Great Conversations

Video conferencing is great for everyone who is there, but it is also great for everyone who isn't. By recording your conversations you can capture stories, keep people updated on the status of things, and there are many other ideas of how this can be useful.

5. Clusters & Networks

Video conferencing is a great tool to help you in developing your clusters and networks, especially for rural ministries in large geographical clusters and for networks that might span the country.

Preferred Suppliers

Zoom: This is our favourite platform for conversations and relationship building.  It focuses on the video of the people on the phone, anyone can share their screens, people can dial in from any country, you can record it, and there is a free version to start you off. Plus only the moderator needs a username & password.

AdobeConnect: We find it is great for meetings that you are taking notes, sharing ideas and chatting at the same time. 

Skype: This is a great option for conversations and something that has a high adoption rate, but everyone needs to have a username/password.

GoToMeeting: This is great for large webinars and some online chat.  Often this is screen sharing focused but has similar options to what is available by others. 

Glip: This is part of RingCentral's suite of telecommunications solutions and is similar to Zoom.