Social Procurement

"Social procurement is essentially looking at ways to get the most social value for the money already planned on spending and making it standard practice at the federal level." Imagine Canada

As United Church communities of faith, what is the social value that we can influence with our purchases?

Top Tips

What side benefit or impact could your purchase make?  

Are the businesses environmentally conscious?  Are they giving back to the charitable sector or the marginalized in some way? Who do they hire? What are their corporate values?  They are the questions beyond the price and quality that is coming to the forefront. 

Think about the supply chain.

Through every step of the way from raw material sourcing to manufacturing to you, consider who is impacted and in what way. Who is involved in the supply chain? Where do the products or raw materials come from? Are there ways to influence on improving the environmental footprint?

Most purchasing has an ethical dilemma.In almost all purchasing decisions, there is some sort of ethical dilemma.  Do you not purchase from countries that are known for child labour?  Or do you purchase there anyways knowing that that is how a family survives?  Do you purchase from a local supplier or do you purchase from a national supplier at a lower cost? Just being aware of these decisions is important.

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