Social Media

Top Tips

1. Be authentic

Being genuine is always the best way to go.  It allows you to speak from your heart, build relationships, and more often than not you are a lot more entertaining. 

2. Know your audience

Your messaging needs to be entertaining and something that your audience cares about. So you need to start any social media with who you are communicating with.  Consider in this; 

  • how do they communicate?

  • what language do they use?

  • what resonates with them?

  • what do they care about?

And this all naturally leads into the next best practice of choosing the right social media tool.

3. Choose the right social media tool

  • Facebook is great for an older audience of over 40 years old or it is great to help with event promotion. Facebook has added features of Facetime and Groups which can allow for added engagement.

  • Twitter continues to maintain its popularity among the masses as it is quick and now contains a variety of media beyond text.

  • Instagram continues to emerge with a focus on images and video.  It doesn't require as much attention as some of the other media platforms as posts are less frequent.

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine (after Google) and has interactivity included in it.  This medium can be connected to all of the other social media platforms to boost your searchability.  

4. Be regular

Staying consistent and in touch with your audience is critical.  Make sure that you have someone dedicated to doing this and ensure that it is connected with your phone so that you can do it on the go. 

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