Printing is something that almost every community of faith does for annual reports, bulletins, posters, postcards, and many other reasons. 

Top Tips

1. Do you need to print at all?

With technology emerging and projectors often doing a lot of the work of the bulletins, do you need to print what you used to?  Consider what needs to be printed and what doesn't need to be printed. 

2. What needs to be in colour?

Colour is more expensive than black & white printing.  Sometimes you don't need to, but sometimes it will make a difference.  Think through when it makes sense.

Preferred Suppliers: Instore / Pickup

Staples Copy & Print

Staples Copy & Print has offered the following discounts to help congregations and other church ministries with their printing needs:

  • Colour copies – save 59%

  • Signs, banners, oversize colour printing – save 30%

  • Business cards, black & white – save 30%

To use this discount, download the discount card, and use the number in any online or in-store orders.

Note: This does not apply to self serve.  Discounts only apply to online or counter service.

Preferred Suppliers: Online with Delivery

Staples Copy & Print also offers online with delivery.

Other options include;