Office & Cleaning Supplies

Office and cleaning supplies is typically something that we know that we need right away!  But we know that there are savings if we are able to plan ahead in our supply ordering cycles.  Here are some helpful tips to help in planning & saving.

Top Tips

1. Track Your Numbers

Information is your best friend when it comes to ordering office and cleaning supplies. Tracking how much you are spending by office supplies, cleaning supplies, and coffee break supplies will help with future budgeting and cost cutting in future years.  And it will help you to know your order planning in future.

2. Plan Orders

The worst thing to do is run to the store and pick  up something that you need THIS MINUTE.  You are guaranteeing that you are paying too much, as you are paying for convenience.  That is why tracking your numbers and planning your orders is a huge savings. The other advantage is that you will hit any minimum order quantity for free delivery if you do this on a monthly basis

3. When In Doubt, Go Local

The local service providers are always great as they will have lower distribution costs in the last mile to you, you can probably negotiate a last minute delivery if you do forget something in your order, and it is always good to work with the local vendors. 

Preferred Vendor

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