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You might not have pews, you might have more office spaces or you might be buying more comfortable furniture. 

Furniture is changing for communities of faith!

Top Tips

1. Used Furniture

Furniture is like cars, as soon as you drive it off of the lot its value is significantly decreased.  Consider this when purchasing new furniture, but also allow this to consider checking out thrift stores or Kijiji or other used furniture options.  Especially the older furniture can be quite durable as it was made out of solid wood. 

2. Go to the Showroom!

You definitely want to sit in anything that you will be using for a long period of time.  Sit in the couches or chairs at the showroom or store before you order them (where possible).

Preferred Suppliers

POI Business Furniture assisted with the new General Council Office's open layout. For contact information and information, please contact Jamie Wilder at


Office & Cleaning Supplies

Office and cleaning supplies is typically something that we know that we need right away!  But we know that there are savings if we are able to plan ahead in our supply ordering cycles.  Here are some helpful tips to help in planning & saving.

Top Tips

1. Track Your Numbers

Information is your best friend when it comes to ordering office and cleaning supplies. Tracking how much you are spending by office supplies, cleaning supplies, and coffee break supplies will help with future budgeting and cost cutting in future years.  And it will help you to know your order planning in future.

2. Plan Orders

The worst thing to do is run to the store and pick  up something that you need THIS MINUTE.  You are guaranteeing that you are paying too much, as you are paying for convenience.  That is why tracking your numbers and planning your orders is a huge savings. The other advantage is that you will hit any minimum order quantity for free delivery if you do this on a monthly basis

3. When In Doubt, Go Local

The local service providers are always great as they will have lower distribution costs in the last mile to you, you can probably negotiate a last minute delivery if you do forget something in your order, and it is always good to work with the local vendors. 

Preferred Vendor

more information will be available soon.



Printing is something that almost every community of faith does for annual reports, bulletins, posters, postcards, and many other reasons. 

Top Tips

1. Do you need to print at all?

With technology emerging and projectors often doing a lot of the work of the bulletins, do you need to print what you used to?  Consider what needs to be printed and what doesn't need to be printed. 

2. What needs to be in colour?

Colour is more expensive than black & white printing.  Sometimes you don't need to, but sometimes it will make a difference.  Think through when it makes sense.

Preferred Suppliers: Instore / Pickup

Staples Copy & Print

Staples Copy & Print has offered the following discounts to help congregations and other church ministries with their printing needs:

  • Colour copies – save 59%

  • Signs, banners, oversize colour printing – save 30%

  • Business cards, black & white – save 30%

To use this discount, download the discount card, and use the number in any online or in-store orders.

Note: This does not apply to self serve.  Discounts only apply to online or counter service.

Preferred Suppliers: Online with Delivery

Staples Copy & Print also offers online with delivery.

Other options include;