Internet can be a challenge. Many of our communities of faith are in extremely remote locations where Internet can be sparse or non-existent. 

Here are some things to consider when considering your Internet needs & provider options. 

1. Speed

The number of cell towers and fibre has continued to grow across the country.  In many urban areas there is currently fibre in place which will have the most consistency and speed available.

Not all service providers in the same area have access to the same infrastructure when it comes to fibre. 

In rural areas, we are seeing some telecommunication cooperatives helping to connect entire counties.  We hope to continue to see this happen.

2. Rural Monopolies / Lack of Access

Often the services providers in a rural context have a monopoly.  With them not having to compete, their pricing can be high and they rarely have unlimited Internet plans. 

This can result in frequent or at the least seasonal overages. 

The workaround: the Internet stick or hubs. You can use the cell phone infrastructure to assist with your Internet.  These sticks & hubs are often good enough to allow for live streaming and video conferencing.

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