Website Hosting

Website hosting quality and price can vary significantly.  You need to know what you are getting when you have an agreement.  

What to Expect with $10 / Month Hosting: 

  • this is the most likely to have viruses.  You will need to have an anti-virus protection and some maintenance when/if this happens

  • this is the most likely to be hacked.  You need to be okay that this might be down for a longer period of time and not be dependent on your site being operational at all times

  • this is usually downgraded by the search engines, meaning that a website hosted by these companies will most likely not show up at the top of a search

  • this might only have 1 or 2 email addresses

  • This can still be good for a church website, but you need to understand what you are most likely exposing yourself to.

What to expect with $30+ / Month Hosting: 

  • this should include your virus protection and would have some additional monitoring to protect your site 

  • this should include regular backups of your content, so that you can retrieve all of your information quickly if the site goes down

  • this should include some sort of notification if there is a problem with the site

  • this would be higher ranked by the search engines and improve your rankings

  • this would include multiple emails

  • this would include some basic maintenance of the site and plugins to ensure that things are updated

  • This can still be good for a church, even though it is more expensive.  

When you are selecting a hosting company, just know what you are at risk of and some of the questions that you might ask when given a price. 

Top Tips

1. Start With How You Use Your Website

  • do you want to be found?

  • do you want customized emails?

  • do you want to upload content to the site?

  • do you need plugins?

2. What Can You Afford?

Does it make sense to pay the extra?  If your website is not a strategic site for you church, maybe you can have the lower cost hosting. If you really don't have a budget, do you need hosting of a website at all?  A blog could work for updates and information without having any hosting fees.  

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