Herowork is a charity that supports the non-profit sector by performing radical renovations.  Unlike other renovations there are:

  • musicians and an opening parade

  • 100s of volunteers

  • volunteer trades people

  • donated and at cost building supplies

  • food vendors and community dinners as the volunteers work

  • a celebration when the renovation is complete

This model has helped to do $2.5 million renovations at a fraction of the cost to the non-profit and charities.  They have designed a needs assessment model to be able to evaluate what non-profit infrastructure is the most at need and would benefit the most from a renovation to maximize their impact.  And Herowork is ready to scale out to Vancouver in 2020. 

The United Church of Canada was an early funder of the scalability program of Herowork.  

United Church Case Studies in the Greater Victoria Area

Esquimalt United Church

Camp Pringle

Contact Information

Paul Latour | (250) 590-4221

Founder & E.D. of HeroWork