There are many types of technology hardware that your community of faith might be interested including computers, printers, photocopiers, cameras, projectors & screens, and live streaming hardware.

Hardware can be a big investment.  But recognizing that there are always improvements happening, so typically you plan for it to last and be relevant for about 3 years.

Top Tips

Do you need a warrantee?  This does cost extra when you purchase the hardware. However, if you are dependent on the hardware and can't afford to replace it in less than 3 years than this is a form of insurance for you to consider.


  1. Make sure that you have a backup. of your data  This can be done through a physical hard drive that you save information to.  Or this can be done in the cloud through Dropbox or Google Drive or other options. 

  2. Consider how much needs to be stored on your computer.  The more that you store on your computer’s hard drive, the more that your computer has to work. This can cause overheating and impact the lifespan of your computer.  It will also slow your computer processing down when you have a lot of programs or data stored on it. 


  1. How much functionality do you really need?  Do you need a photocopier at all? Don’t buy a photocopier on the busiest season (annual report time).  Buy it for your average.  When you have a high capacity time frame, it is typically cheaper to use an outsourced company.  Learn more at Printing.

  2. There are many features that the average community of faith does not need in their photocopier including stapling, colour printing, and anything over 2000 copies a month.  All of these features cost additional money that you don't need.

Preferred Suppliers

Dell Computers

If you are a Regional or General Council staff, connect with the IT Department at General Council Office at helpdesk@united-church.ca 

  • It is more than just the hardware, it is the software and connection to the rest of the network that is important.

  • Dell provides the standard platform to ensure that you have the right software and capabilities in order to be able to interact with others. This would include Microsoft 365 including Sharepoint with all of the correct setups.

If you are an community of faith or an employee of the United Church of Canada, there is an Employee Purchase Plan with Dell Canada. This includes;

– Up to 30% off PC’s, electronics and accessories
– 5% Dell Advantage rewards
– Exclusive monthly offers
– Free shipping and easy returns
– Affordable financing options

Shop now: www.Dell.ca/MPP or 1-877-297-6974
Member ID #: UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA – 3373936

Insight Technology (other hardware)

The General Council Office's pricing on hardware (including printers, screens, projectors, cameras and other hardware) has been extended to communities of faith.

Please connect with Insight directly for a quote and more information by indicating that you are part of United Church of Canda:

Ahmad Kobayaa

Senior Account Executive

t. 800.467.4448 ext. 8412 


Selcan Yurdakul 

Inside Sales Representative

tf. 800.467.4448 ext. 8597


Xerox Photocopiers

General Council has preferred pricing with Xerox.  If interested in getting a quote, please connect with the IT Department at General Council Office at helpdesk@united-church.ca