Goodlife Fitness

United Church of Canada Employees, retirees, and their partners and dependents are eligible for Goodlife Fitness memberships for the discounted price of $499/year (plus applicable provincial taxes) including towel service. This works out to $41.58 per month.


  • Annual memberships begin on May 1st of each year, and expire April 30th.

  • Prorated pricing can begin on the 1st or 15th of any month, and will expire the following April 30th

  • Memberships include towel service, and access to Goodlife Fitness locations across Canada

  • The employee or retiree must have a membership in order for the spouse or dependent to take advantage of the discounted membership

Getting Started

Please email with your interest in beginning your Goodlife membership. Please include your name, birth date and year, and indication of whether you are staff, retiree, significant other, or dependent. You will receive a link to set up your registration, and details for how to process your payment. Please allow 5 business days prior to the date you wish to start (1st or 15th of the month) in order to process your membership.

If you are an existing member, additional information is required. In your email, please include:
– Existing Goodlife PAP #
– Last payment date

In order to transfer your membership, you need to sign a Pre-Authorized Payment Cancellation Form [click to download]. This form is to be completed by each existing member that wishes to transfer into the company membership program. You are to fill it out and return it by email to

This form will be sent Goodlife to manage this transfer seamlessly to ensure no double billing occurs. Goodlife requires 7-14 days to stop payment on a personal bank account. Your PAP would need to be sent to us by the 15th of the month, to start your membership for the 1st of the following month.