Designing any marketing is a challenge and each medium requires slightly different thinking.  But here are some best practices to get you started. 

Top Tips

1. Know Your Audience

Who is this for?  Who is supposed to be seeing this and compelled to action? Based on who your audience is consider if it is where they will see it. You might even do a prayer walk to understand the day in the life of the audience you are reaching out to.  Also consider if the message is something that is compelling or of interest to them. What language are you using? How are you adapting the communication for them?

2. Less is More

Typically in any communication material you need to have a maximum of 3 messages, especially if this is a poster or a sign. Your audience simply can't absorb more than that as they walk or drive by.  If you have more messages that 3, how do you make sure that they can absorb this?  Sometimes you might have a flyer or poster or even a phone number that you can tear off. Maybe it is an easy to remember website or phone number or Twitter handle to learn more. 

3. Go With The Energy

Not all of your marketing and communication will be equal.  Figure out what is working and what isn't. Focus your energy on where it is impactful.

Pricing Guide

There is quite a variety of pricing for marketing material. Typically the maximum rate you will see to design the following is: 

Logo - less than $500

One page brochure - less than $600

Multi-page brochure - less than $1000

Preferred Suppliers

Online resources are provided through printing services for posters, postcards, business cards, and other signage:

Staples Copy & Print


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