Commercial Insurance

When deciding on your insurance provider there are a few important things to consider: 

1. Are you getting the best deal out there?

This seems like an easy question as you are able to simply get a price quote and compare.  But that leads us to the next question.

2. Are you getting the best coverage?

When comparing pricing, you need to know whether you are also comparing coverage.  Are the companies giving you the same coverage if something happens? Are they demanding the same deductible?  How easy is it to work through the claim process? For this, we have worked hard to ensure that UCC Protect is the most thorough coverage for the best value. 

3. Are you working with someone local?

This is important! Most of the larger organizations work with your local broker, so that you can have someone close to home to work with. 

4. The final question, would you have more savings through a United plan?  

The answer here is 'yes'. The average insurance company spends over 10% on marketing and sales.  If United Church of Canada was to all buy into the same insurance program, we would all expect to save about 10%.  Currently over 50% of churches are using UCC Protect.

UCC Protect

HUB International has a plan has been designed to respond to the needs of each congregation or other church ministry and address the unique exposures faced by the church. It is also available to incorporated ministries, such as camps, seniors’ homes, and education centres. UCC Protect offers the following insurance policy coverages as chosen by each congregation:

•Commercial General Liability (CGL)
•Directors’ and Officers’ Liability (D&O)
•Equipment Breakdown
•Property and Business Interruption
•Third Party Event Liability
•Umbrella Liability

To find out more information or to get a competitive quote, contact:

Danielle Antoine

Phone: 1-888-550-5458 or

Newfoundland Conference

 The Newfoundland Conference has an "all in" approach for commercial liability insurance with Ecclesiastical.  By all of the communities of faith using the same insurance company, they are able to save together as a region.