Carpeting is something that can make a room comfortable. However, the challenge with carpet is its wear and tear as it holds dirt more than other surfaces.  When carpet is replaced, often the challenge is that the entire room or floor needs to be replaced. 

Tile carpeting is the most commonly used carpet for commercial and retail use. The carpet is highly durable and easy to replace. Each section of carpet is only 50cm x 50cm and is installed similarly to a tile floor. The key advantages are that more designs are available as tiles can be mixed and matched, as well as a single tile can be replaced if damaged rather than replacing an entire room. Maintenance and longevity of this carpet makes the total cost of ownership significantly less than traditional carpet.

Preferred Supplier

Interface is the worlds largest manufacturer and distributor of carpet tile. With over 10,000 patterns and colors to choose from, they will always have something to suit any design and price point. Their products are all high performance and carry one of the best commercial carpet warranties in the business at 15 years! Plus Interface is recognized as a leader in sustainability and known as one of the “greenest” companies on earth.

The United Church congregations and other ministries have the largest discount available at 50-60% off! Interface will also assist you in finding a reputable installer in your neighborhood to ensure a smooth project. They have partnerships nationwide.

Please reference the United Church account number: 186789

For more information and to begin your project using Interface carpet, contact:

Maritess de Guzman
Regional Sales Director
Canada Central

134 Peter Street, Suite 1602
Toronto, ON  M5V 2H2
mobile: 416.576.0848

In order for your to receive your UCC discount on Interface carpet tiles, you must contact Interface and register your project before you begin.

Interface Frequently Asked Questions

What types of patterns and colours are available?

With 10,000s of patterns there is plenty to choose from. Take a look at the online products to get an idea of the options.

How is Interface more environmentally friendly than other carpet manufacturers?
Tile carpeting is more environmentally friendly than traditional carpets due to its easy maintenance. However, Interface goes above and beyond by going for zero. Zero emissions, zero waste and zero oil. Find out how.

How do I properly maintain my carpet?
Here is a video on carpet maintenance.

How is the carpet installed?
Here is a video on installation (not recommended as a DIY).