Banking Services

Communities of faith all need banking services to manage the life of the church.  Depending on your individual needs, there may be different options.

Top Tips

1. Number of Transactions

One of the biggest driver of fees for your banking is going to be the number of times you deposit or withdraw funding.  Think about ways to reduce this. 

2. Aligned Values?

Many financial institutions have taken corporate social responsibility very seriously and have embedded it into their organizations. Find out more about their foundations, what they donate to and ways they donate, you might be surprised by the alignment.  Credit unions were specifically to help with community economic development for areas that were underserved. You might also want to have a new type of conversation with your banker.  Specifically letting them know all of the good work that your community of faith does outside of Sunday, you never know where the conversation might lead!

3. Other Options

- Technology is changing quickly.  What other options do they have available for you to help make your banking even easier or more organized.

- Social finance and impact investing is continue to emerge within financial institutions. How is your money being used? These are some questions you can start asking.

Preferred Vendors

Credit unions across Canada have preferred or no charge plans for community groups, including communities of faith.

Specific Community Banking Packages

Vancity Community Service Package (British Columbia)

Alterna Credit Union (Ontario)

First Nations Bank of Canada

Credit Union Locators

Alberta Credit Union List:

Atlantic Credit Unions:

British Columbia Credit Union List: 

Manitoba Credit Unions:

Ontario Credit Unions:

Quebec Credit Unions:

Saskatchewan Credit Unions: