What is Buying United?

Buying United is bigger and better than before.  You can now find the answers to more of the questions that you are struggling with. 

Think of this as a toolkit for communities of faith, regional councils, staff, and volunteers. So anyone in the network!

Vendor and supplier relationships are great, but knowing best practices and the right questions to ask are just as important. Buying United still has the great relationships with the vendors and suppliers that we have had in the past AND now it has all of the best practices and resources to support you even more. 

Not only can you find this information, we are seeking your insight.  What questions do you have?  What resources or research have you done that you think would be helpful for others? This is information that we would like to make available and share. 

If you have an idea, we want to hear it, and we will investigate it with you.  If you have a problem with any of these programs, we need to hear that too!  We can't fix it or find a better program without your feedback.

By doing this, we are United.


If you have questions, comments, want to suggest a new partner or service, or have anything else you’d like to let us know, please use the form to contact us.

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